Entry #11


2011-06-13 14:49:31 by Glarryg

It's interesting how you can come up with an idea that you think is good, spend weeks trying to craft it into a flowing narrative, working even at the expense of your own comfort, and end with what you think is a good product. Then, you put it next to somebody else's work and in an instant it turns into a piece of crap.

Anyway, I made it into the first round of TOFA and was quite pumped, this being the first year I had even entered. I was summarily trounced in the first round, whic was the first one with actual scores. Think I'll open up a lemonade stand, since my summer is kind of free now.


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2011-06-13 15:00:16

Better luck next time.


2011-06-13 15:21:39

^ wha he sed.


2011-06-13 17:09:34

LOL I know exactly how you feel.....unfortionatly.


2011-06-13 22:28:01

I liked your part!
I'll give you a nice review a little later on.
Keep at it, and maybe we'll see you again next year?


2011-07-22 21:20:28

It wasn't fair that you got paired up with Elfman right off the bat he has been animating since he was a child with his father. Better luck next year :)